Genome-wide digital genomic footprinting (DGF) analysis from early developmental stages for mouse and human

Individual-level dataset matrix

What is shown by the tracks?

Analysis steps performed with TOBIAS:



The data contains TOBIAS analysis of time series ATAC-seq data from early development in human and mouse, which are given in separate conditions.
We provide six conditions for human (2C, 4C, 8C, ICM, naive hESC and hESC) and mouse (early 2C, 2C, 4C, 8C, ICM and mESC).
As shown in the picture below, we provide the regions of open chromatin as defined by peak-calling (upper), and two tracks per condition illustrating the bias corrected cutting signal of the transposase (middle), and finally the resulting footprint score (lower).
Individual-level dataset matrix
Snip of the tracks of mouse for the condition mESC.

Data Access:

The bigwigs for the fooprints can be downloaded from our s3-storage.


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